I never had really understood/felt lyrics to a song until one particular night when I was not in the best of moods. Tanner had sang a few lyrics from one of his songs to me, and it was actually not until I got home listened to the full song, and looked up the meaning of something until I really understood them. Listening to the words, feeling the music, and everything in that moment felt so real. I messaged Tanner about how this particular song resonated with me and that up until this moment I have never really felt that with any other song. It was just fitting at that particular time and place in my life.

His reply: "ABOUT FREAKING TIME!" (yeah I think so too…)

Side note: Tanner has gotten on my case (on more than one occassion) about me not listening to the song, about not feeling the music. I am working on that… I am the kind of person that if the song sounds good I like it-regarless of lyrics.


One of the major things in life for me is to always keep improving, always keep learning, work hard, and be the best that I can be. (I think the guys can attest to that. I am pretty hard on myself if I mess up, or don't do something to my standards -which is just to always be better than the last time I've done something.)

After 100 blog posts, you learn what is working, what isn't working, what you want to improve, what you want to get rid of. I've decided that I want to become a better blogger, a better writer. I know there could be so much more potential with this blog.

I want…

To be able to communicate more effectively, become a storyteller, I don't talk a lot in my posts. They are usually pretty short posts. (I am sure some of my text messages to the guys are longer than my blog posts… -including this one! ha-ha! sorry guys!)

To show my stories with good quality photos (I am talking DSLR photos not iPhone photos. Although iPhone photos aren't all that bad, I do professional photography – it might as well look like it more than once in a while…)  

To come up with more reoccurring topics (right now I just have Life, Lately and Month In Photos) so I want to come up with a few more… I also have Today Is… but that isn't really a scheduled reoccuring post-it's pretty much a filler when I don't have something to write… (now you know my secret!) I am currently brainstorming topic ideas right now…

To be more efficient, to always be brainstorming ideas, and have posts done up in advance when I have down time, so that when I am busy I don't have to worry about putting a half-assed post together just to be posting something. I want good content. Something you want to run over to my blog to read. (I can always post extra in a day if something rad comes up that I don't want to wait a few days/weeks for) 

To be more real. Life has been very real lately, and my blog has really not been a reflection of that in…well, ever. Yes all of my content is real and has happened to me, I post photos of the bands concerts, random shenanigans, and a tiny bit of my life but it never gets any more real than that. I think I am going to change that. I have a bunch of posts I've written and not yet published because I don't know if I should post them or not because they show a little more emotion than what I've written in the past. I find that many bloggers hide behind the facade of their blogs by putting a heavy filter on what they write about to have the perception that their life is the most perfect thing in the world. Of course there are still things that should and need to be kept secret/private/only for you or who it has involved. And that you want to be inspiring with your blog posts, but I feel that a lifestyle blog should be about life and the highs and lows that come along with it. (And trust me, working in the music industry there is no shortage of intense emotions) We are all human, there will be some very real moments.

To belong to a community of music bloggers, unofficial 5th member of band bloggers, whatever… Make friends with people who are like me. To find that (probably very small) niche in the blogging world. (And I have no idea where to start…it seems as if the blogging world is only full of DIY or fashion bloggers…) I was in a community of DIY/Food/Fashion bloggers before and it was fun and made a really good friend! So I hope to do that in this adventure.

So here is to blog improvement!
There might also be a few small visual changes around here as well…


As of the previous post, I have 100 published entries! Kind of insane right?!…

I love this blog. I love keeping an online documentation of being with the band, sharing photos, stories and bits of daily life. It feels like just yesterday that I came up with this idea and was working on a "secret project" designing and creating the makings of what would become this blog.

My original expectations for the blog were to post every once and a while (once or twice a week), but I have found I like blogging about something or another every day. (and hope to keep up with that. I admire bloggers who share a bit of their day, and enjoying seeing new content every time I go to their blogs. I hope I can do the same) I also expected I would have more readers/comments-but heck, it's still relatively new and I've been slacking on it every once and a while. (However, I am trying to write posts ahead of time so I have something to post if there is a day where I don't feel like writing, am too busy to, or away.) Plus I find a lot of people just don't read blogs anymore… What the heck guys?!…

Here is to another 100 entries! (and obviously more beyond that as well!)

Don't forget, if there is something you'd like to see on here (q&a, photos, video, a new feature, etc) comment below or send me an email! (tlsawatzky @ <- obviously take out the spaces) I'd love to hear what you'd like to see!


-My to-do list and making sure I am getting everything done. Mistakes cannot be made, I have to be on top of the very top of my game right now, and procrastination absolutely cannot happen. I'm actually trying so very hard to get things done the moment the guys message me to do something so I don't forget about it. Everything is top priority at this moment.
-How to approach the last bit of videography I need to film for "The Making of Indie Films" and how I am going to be compiling everything together. I need to start getting on that as soon as possible so when we get back from tour, that is only the footage I need to place in the video. I don't really have much time… (yikes!)


-To see the finished product of the music videos Jason has been working so hard on.
-The tour. Details have not been announced just yet, but I am beyond excited to be going along for the journey and documenting it for part of "The Making of Indie Films".

-Copious amounts of 30 Seconds To Mars. Apparently I didn't have the "This Is War" album…so that's been pretty much on repeat. (But not like How I Met Your Mother, 500 Miles on repeat…as a certain someone had implied last week-JOSHUA!!!…At least not around you anyway)
-A few random songs that Bryce has told me to check out. (Live performances by 30 Seconds to Mars, Civil Twilight, Egypt Central)

-So much stuff right now, it's kind of insane actually… Just finished up the press kits, working on stuff for the fundraiser, getting some blog posts done up in advance so I don't have to worry about that as much, creating graphics, band stuff in general, researching some things, editing photos, creating/ordering logo stickers… the list goes on…


Here is this month in photos. I thought I was declining in photos-but now that I have selected a few to post-it's not that bad. (There is a giant gap where I not only didn't blog, but didn't take any photos…Ooops!)

Photo 1(2)1 & 2. Decided I needed to try and be creative again & draw. (That lasted one evening…) 3. Went bowling with Tim, Sarah & Josh. Hadn't been in quite a while, had a blast! 4. Finally did a gear post. 5. Watching an early cut of Talk Show Host. 6. Band meeting.

Photo 2(2)7. Got to go to the hockey game. (Thanks Tim!) 8. Delicous sushi for lunch! 9. Making a new mix tape for my car. 10. 'Chell with the guys… (Aka-me working while they are playing) 11. Gorgeous sunrise 12. Starbucks stop on the way to a show.

Photo 3(2)13. The best sushi. Been having it a lot lately. 14. The band opened for SIIINES 15. Ryan & Chris being weirdos. 16. Tanner post-show. 17. Late night McDonalds 18. Picking the Mr. up from work (This is AM!!!)

Photo 1(1)
19. It WAS nice and sunny and there was no snow for a bit… 20. Then it snowed… 21. Love this quote on my shirt. Felt fitting the day I wore it. 22. COFFEE! (Looks like there is a creature in the swirl/bubbles) 23. At Tim's hockey game. 24. Spock money… random.

Photo 2(1)25. Starting to get nice sunsets again… 26. Coffee date. 27. The new album-HELLO!!! 28. I caved and listened to the CD. (Just twice though) 29. Out of order photo, but thought it was too weird not to post. This was in the washroom at the venue the band played at. 30. Hate the sun at this time travelling west. Worst ever!

Photo 3(1)
31, 32 & 33. Hanging out wiht the guys. 34 & 35. Show at Avenue Theatre. 36. Spent all weekend drinking coffee and working on band stuff


Come out and support your favorite local Edmonton band The Unfortunates for their first Canadian tour!

There will be a silent auction, 50/50, draws for autographed Oilers jerseys, draw for a flat screen tv, & liquor basket.

Tickets are $10 which includes a free drink (You can get tickets from me or any of the band members and at the door)

RSVP and invite your friends here!


Coffee is pretty much an absolute requirement these days. (More-so than usual) Very late nights have been the norm. We are getting into crunch time with everything before the CD release and other exciting events. So I've been working nearly non-stop on things here and there. I am definitly not complaining, I love what I do and am hugely invested in the band with my time/talents. I really think this is "what I want to do when I grow up".


Todays to-do list is probably a mile long-I can do this!
I'll have another extra hot vanilla latte please!…